Share Trading

We operate an “execution only” share trading service. This service operates through D2MX and it allows us to offer our clients the opportunity to invest in the stock market.

An “execution only” service acts on a given instruction to either buy or sell a share and does not provide research or other information.

Some financial planners believe that this reduces any potential conflicts of interest as brokers can be too dependent on transactions to be able to give good quality advice.

We subscribe to several research providers so we can keep you informed when opportunities present themselves. We access our research quite separately from D2MX. This helps us to minimise any conflicts of interest.

Our research provides us with company, market, and economic news and we use that to formulate our recommendations.

Investing in shares can assist you to diversify your assets and can, in some cases, offer taxation benefits. We recommend the development of a Financial Plan which can identify whether investing in shares is a strategy which suits your needs.

Our arrangement with D2MX enables us to buy or sell share investments on behalf of our clients.

To access this service, you are initially required to set up a trading account with CIPLL. If you would like an obligation free meeting to discuss this with one of our advisers please contact us.

The D2MX is also used for the implementation of financial plans. Where your financial plan recommends the purchase or sale of shares D2MX “executes” the sale or purchase.

Our advisors are happy to provide you with advice and information at the level you require. We are always available during office hours to answer your questions and can provide you with our high level research information.

To learn more about D2MX, click here.

Prior to D2MX we operated our “execution only” share trading service through Commsec Advisor Services (CAS). While we now primarily operate through D2MX, we may still work with CAS on occasion. To learn more about CAS, click here.