Thank you very much for your time and guidance. When you originally informed us of the Capricorn/Pentad linkup, I was unaware then of the impact it would have. Now I can see the benefits and the broader scope it gives to us all, both to Pentad and to its clients. One never tires of learning. What an interesting journey we are all on.


My name is Tom and I am a registered nurse working in remote posts across 4 states of Australia, currently in NT. I guess you can understand the logistics of this, whit keeping track of financial arrangements and getting bills paid. The Investment Collective were suggested to me by some dear friends so I gave them a call. Sue Dunne has done an excellent job of sorting our financial situation out both with self managed superannuation and day to day money management including bill paying services. We no longer have to worry about the bills being received and being paid. In my opinion Sue Dunne and the team do an excellent job and I would recommend them to anyone that wants to be free of bills and actually want to control your own financial independence. I have put the fat cats (banks) on a diet thanks to Sue and the crew at The Investment Collective.

Registered nurse, April 2012


I thought I would pass on my thoughts on dealing with CIPL. In December 2010 I left work. As I am in my early 50's I thought I had best deal with my superannuation, to which I had been contributing for more than 20 years.

I discovered that the professionals managing my funds had generated a compound return of 4.4% over a decade. I worked out that the portfolio I held outside my super fund had generated twice that level of return prior to dividends. The concept of buying decent businesses at sensible prices simply didn't seem that difficult, at least to me.

Clearly I ought to be doing this myself, but I had no idea how to amalgamate the various funds I had, nor how to start and administer a self managed fund. I had the impression that it was both very expensive and hideously complicated.

David, Sue Dunne and the other staff at CIPL made this as seamless and simple a process as one could hope. Forms were delivered to me with spaces for signatures clearly marked and a return, prepaid envelope provided. Queries were answered promptly. While the process was time consuming it was essentially hassle free and much easier than I had anticipated despite considerable inefficiencies and recalcitrance on the part of my prior fund manager.

It was also relatively inexpensive with all costs explained and detailed prior to the process. I was delighted with the ultimate outcome.

Since being a CIPL customer I have found the staff very helpful. I get regular reports that explain exactly what has occurred in my portfolio over the previous period. I find the web site particularly useful in monitoring positions and returns and the fees and charges detailed and modest. I could not be happier with my decision to use CIPL.

Retired professional, April 2012

Hi David

My husband and I came in and saw you a couple of weeks ago after being recommended by our accountant.

We have an investment property that we are having problems with, and are struggling and not sure what direction we were heading in.

You took the time to talk with us and I wanted to thank you as you have really changed our lives. You made me realise I was looking in the wrong areas for work (was looking at coffee shops) and suggested I look into office/admin work, you also said I needed to sell myself better. I left your office a bit confused but I listened to everything you said and decided I could do it. You made me believe in myself and believe I could do better and today I was offered (and gratefully accepted) a full time position as a property manager trainee, and I begin work Monday week.

I can't thank you enough because if we didn't see you and you gave us your time I wouldn't have applied for the position, so thank you once again. There should be more people like you in the world.

When we get on our feet we will make an appointment and come back and see you.

Prospective client

I became aware of the benefits of a Financial Plan in 2002 when I was considering retirement. I had sold my beef property and realised that I needed some good advice regarding estate planning, tax issues and generally getting my financial affairs in order so that I could retire.

I was initially reluctant to implement the plan as I’d been happy to manage my own portfolio. However, by following the Financial Plan David French drew up, I have more disposable income now than I have ever had in my life and it is tax free!

Our accounting costs are considerably less, as all the accounting is completed by our fund manager. We find the end of the tax year hassle free with no searching for lost dividend statements.

I believe that the trick is to acquire enough assets to provide the required income for retirement.

Having a Financial Planner who is not aligned with any financial product gives me the confidence that my Financial Advisor has my best interests at heart.

My advice for others is to visit two or three non-aligned financial planners and then to choose the one that you are most happy with.

Your plan can be structured to suit the degree of risk you are happy with - It can be all "money in the bank" or any risk level the client is comfortable with.

For young people, I advise them to start their financial planning early.

It works for retired people too: I have found that some people my age don’t seem to have the taxation benefits that we have, so I am very happy to recommend The Investment Collective.

Retired Primary Producers

Following the sale of a rental investment property in early 2008, David French of Capricorn Investment Partners Limited was suggested to us to assist with advice on capital gains and superannuation issues.

We each had industry super schemes from our previous long term employments with a major bank and an electricity retailer. We had left those organisations a few years earlier to pursue full time a small family grazing business.

At an initial meeting with David French and Sue Dunne we discussed our current financial position and our various future plans and goals.

Based on the information we provided, CIPL prepared for us a comprehensive document presenting details and options for a self managed superannuation fund based on our current situation, and with contributions from income generated within our business, and structured to provide financial stability upon retirement.

The advice provided was accepted and a fund was quickly established for us.

Although only relatively recent clients of CIPL, we have enjoyed an open friendly professional relationship with David and the staff.

We also feel confident with our decision to transfer from our previous industry super funds to the self managed fund established with and managed by CIPL.


Having lost my husband three years ago I relied heavily upon The Investment Collective to set a path for my financial future. In this regard David French and his wonderful Staff have been outstanding.

Even though we are in an economic downturn, these dedicated people have somehow managed to go forward with my investment.

Their advice and help with matters of which I had no previous knowledge has been invaluable to me.

The position of Trust they promise is simply that....A Position of Trust

Retired Teacher

Portfolio Administration System for CIPL clients

Our Portfolio Management and Administration is conducted in-house and clients are able to view their portfolio online and download reports for taxation purposes. The recently redesigned client portal is available at any time for clients to log on and check the latest transactions on their accounts.

CIPL's clients find the online system a practical and convenient tool to track transactions in their cash accounts and movements in their portfolio.

I can't imagine checking my transactions any other way now – and it is so good that I don't have to wait for the quarterly reports.

Retired Business Owner